Computer Equipment Assistance for the Sentra Pendidikan [Education Center] in Timika – PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) handed over computer equipment assistance to SD, SMP, and SMA 5 of Sentra Pendidikan Mimika on Friday, 13 May 2022 to support teaching and learning programs in schools where the majority of students are native Papuans.

Nathan Kum, a PTFI’s Vice President of Community Development in his speechs at the SP 5 Timika Education Center Hall, said that PTFI also supports the advancement of education in Mimika Regency, because education is very important, especially for Papuan children to be able to compete in the future, and be successful like the alumni of the Sentra Pendidikan [Education Center] who has become a pilot and a doctor.

According to Nathan Kum, this assistance is a realization of the results of discussions with the Mimika Regency Education Office about two years ago, that PTFI will also pay special attention to public schools in Mimika Regency.

A Head of the Mimika Regency Secondary Education Office, Jenny Usmani, appreciated PTFI’s assistance. “We give our highest appreciation to PTFI having cared for the world of education in Mimika. The assistance of computers and electronic devices from PTFI will be very beneficial for the school and students at the Sentra Pendidikan Timika,” said Jenny Usmany.

The Mimika Regency Government also supports the development of the education of school children in Mimika Regency in terms of Information Technology. Jenny hopes that this computer aid can be used optimally by students with the help of teachers. “I also appreciate the role of teachers who teach in schools. I hope that in the future there will be mining experts from this Sentra Pendidikan,” said Jenny.

Meanwhile, the Principal of SMA 5 of Sentra Pendidikan, Yohanes Napan, expressed his joy and appreciation for the assistance provided by Freeport. “The company is very concerned about education in Timika, with the help of this computer equipment it will motivate us teachers, and students will use these computer equipment and electronic tools as well as possible,” said Yohanes.

PTFI assistance for the Sentra Pendidikan includes 15 Dell Inspiron PC computers, 6 Kyocera Printers, 4 Epson E500 LCD Projectors, and 5 Asus K413EQ Notebooks. Currently, the Sentra Pendidikan Timika is educating more than 300 indigenous Papuan students with a composition of 70 percent of the students coming from the Amungme-Kamoro Tribe, and 30 percent are Papuan students from 5 kinship tribes.

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