Commitment to Togetherness and Garbage in Jayapura City – Getting into  the 59th year of Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih in its service, it has again shown its existence to care for the environment and people in the Papua region.

This time, in commemoration of the establishment of Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih, they held a community service in collaboration with the Papua Regional Police, Jayapura City Government, Community Organizations, Banking and the community to carry out cleaning in Jayapura City, Papua, Thursday 12. May 2022.

This was conveyed by Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih Lt. Col. Kav. Herman Taryaman, S.I.P., M.H. in his statement.

Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih revealed that in commemorating the 59th birthday on May 17, 2022, they held a community service by cleaning the environment of Jayapura City.

The clean-up of Jayapura City began with a joint apple ceremony at Taman Imbi, Jayapura City, opened and led by Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih Brigadier General R. Sidharta Wisnu Graha, S.E., accompanied by the Mayor of Jayapura, represented by Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the Jayapura City Secretariat, Mrs. Widhi Hartanti.

 This activity was joined by TNI personnel, Brimob Polda Papua, Jayapura City Government employees, personnel from Orari and Community Organizations and religious from the Holy Buddha, also supported by Banking from Bank Indonesia, Bank Papua, Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri and Mayapada.

The crowds and enthusiasm that attended the environmental clean-up activity in Jayapura City showed the identity of the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command as a People’s Army and cared about the environment and social conditions.

Meanwhile, in his speechs when opening and leading the community service activity, Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih Brigadier General R. Sidharta Wisnu Graha, S.E., said the theme for the anniversary of Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih was Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih together with the Papuan people to welcome a safe and peaceful life. Therefore, all parties are responsible for maintaining a clean environment.

“I hope that those who attend include the community. Not only during this community service activity, but every day the people of Jayapura City maintain cleanliness so that people are healthy and prosperous, because cleanliness is part of human life, so that in our shared environment, there is a clean and beautiful soul,” said Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih.

In the same place, the Mayor of Jayapura, represented by Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the Jayapura City Regional Secretariat, Widhi Hartanti, said that the work carried out by the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command by initiating the cleaning of Jayapura City would certainly help the Jayapura City Government in terms of cleanliness.

“Cleanliness is not the responsibility of the Jayapura City Government alone, but the duty of all parties. The Jayapura City Government really welcomes what has been done by Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih and all its staff,” said Assistant II, Mrs. Widhi Hartanti.

“What Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih has done has inspired us together, other agencies and the community to care about the environment, especially cleanliness,” she concluded.

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