Commitment to Support Forest Conservation in Papua – A Head of the Papua Province Forestry and Environment Service (DKLH), Jan Jap Ormuseray was present as well as being a resource person at a limited discussion about the importance of forest conservation in Papua and followed up with the Tree Planting Action Plan, which took place at the Office of the Papuan Customary Council of the Tabi Region, in Kleblouw, Kampung Asei Kecil, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Tuesday 14 June 2022.

The limited discussion was held by the Papua Indigenous Peoples Development Foundation (Yapemasda) and the Head of the Forestry and Environment Service Jan Jap Ormuseray who were present to represent the Papuan Provincial Government (Pemprov) as speakers.

A Head of DKLH Papua, Jan Jap Ormuseray explained to reporters that the Papuan Provincial Government fully supports every activity carried out to protect and preserve nature.

“In connection with today’s activity carried out by Yapemasda Papua, we from the Papua Provincial Government, in this case the Governor, Lukas Enembe, give appreciation and appreciation for every effort made to protect and preserve the earth,” said Jan Jap Ormuseray after planting trees symbolically, in the Tabi Territory Papua Customary Council Office Courtyard, in Kleblouw, Asei Kecil Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, yesterday.

It is because Governor Lukas Enembe said, continued Head of the Department of Public Relations Jan Jap Ormuseray, he was well aware that Papua’s forests were one of the lungs of the world, so the Papuan Provincial Government decided that the forest area to be preserved was more than 80 percent.

“Recognizing that Papua’s forests must be preserved, Papua’s forests today are truly a concern of the whole world,” he added.

One of the indicators, said Jan Jap Ormuseray, is the 2021 GCFTF (Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force) annual meeting which was attended by the Governor of Papua Lukas Enambe in Brazil. in this world.

“And, another indication is that by acclamation approximately 39 countries in the world have appointed Papua as the host of the GCFTF annual meeting which will be held next year,” he said.

According to Kadis Jan, this is one indicator to assess that the joint efforts of the Papuan Provincial Government together with indigenous peoples in Papua to maintain forests have so far been far better than other countries and other regions in Indonesia.

“And they also still have a lot to learn from us, because the relationship between the government, the relationship between ondoafi, tribal chiefs in Papua in relation to conservation efforts, maintaining local wisdom related to forest and environmental conservation is going very well,” said the man. who is also the general chairman of the Tanah Merah-anak Peranakan Tanah Merah (ATM-ATPM).

Because in Papua with traditional law, an Ondofolo, Ondoafi or Tribal Chief has customary territory, land and forest under his control so that customary law applies, how does he protect humans, forests and land.

“Well, that’s our advantage, because traditional law is still alive and well, so it becomes one of the tools on how to maintain and protect forests and land in Papua,” he concluded.

This activity is also considered very good because it is in line with the policy of the Papuan Provincial Government through the vision of Governor Lukas Enembe, namely Papua Bangkit Mandiri, Prosperous and Just, where every effort to protect and to preserve forests is a priority program for the Papua Provincial Government.

On the sidelines of this activity, a symbolic tree planting was also carried out in the yard of the Mamta Regional Customary Council Secretariat Office, by the Head of the Papuan Ministry of Environment, Jan Jap Ormuseray representing the Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe.

The next tree planting activity will be carried out for 2 days, namely on 16 and 17 June 2022 around Asei Kecil Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency.

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