Coming to Papua, a Social Minister, Tri Rismaharini, Provides Assistance of almost IDR 2 Billion – The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini, stated that the assistance in the four districts namely Apawer, West Sarmi, East Sarmi, and Bonggo District was a form of concern for the central government to improve people’s welfare. The Minister of Social Affairs provides assistance during a working visit in Sarmi Regency, Papua, Tuesday (22/3) morning.

In the Apawe District, the Minister of Social Affairs gave the assistance in the form of agricultural tools, laying hens and village chickens as well as drilling machines and generators worth Rp 451,020,000.

In the East Sarmi District, they received assistance with drilled wells, generators, cattle seeds and rice cultivation to be precise with a total assistance of Rp 203,030,474. Sarmi Barat received assistance in the form of a Production House for Processed Sea Products and basic necessities to fill the kiosk, a total of Rp. 188,761,000.

Then, the Bonggo District received assistance in the form of agricultural cultivation, capture fisheries cultivation, sewer wells and generators with a total value of Rp 124,363,000.

After leaving Sarmi Regency, Social Minister Tri Rismaharini will head to Jayapura Regency to provide the same assistance as well as two logistics trucks and one operational double cabin unit with a total assistance of Rp. 1,204,000,000. Prior to early August 2021, the Minister of Social Affairs distributed assistance to residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the City and Regency of Jayapura and other assistance needed by the Papuan people.

The assistance provided included Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI), entrepreneurship such as workshop businesses, tire patches, stamps, chicken satay, screen printing, cellphone service and beverage stalls.

The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia said that the assistance was a step by the government to improve the people’s economy. “This is a manifestation of improving the welfare of the community,” she said.

Regarding the hardship of transportation, Risma said that her party would help facilitate vehicles, both boats and land vehicles. “Mamberamo Raya, Sarmi, and Jayapura will be a way to reduce the price of basic necessities for cooperatives managed by the community, including the sale of agricultural products,” she explained.

The Regent of Sarmi, Edward Fonataba, expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Social Affairs for being willing to spend time in the district he leads. As stated by him, this is the second time a minister has set foot in Sarmi Regency. “In 2008 the Minister of Agriculture, and now the Minister of Social Affairs, moreover this is a mother. God’s power is extraordinary,” he said.

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