Collaboration of Youth and Religious Community in Overcoming the Pandemic in Papua – The overcoming of the Covid-19 pandemic in Papua is not only intensively conducted by local governments. A number of volunteers consisting of youth and members of the religious community are actively contributing to get over COVID-19, through the Youth Anti COVID-19 movement.

This movement involving collaboration between church youth, mosque youth, community as well as local government has been initiated since 2020 by the Jayapura City Health Office and the Papua Provincial Health Office. These volunteers went to the field to do the process of spraying disinfectants in people’s homes, conducting campaigns on the 5M health protocol appeal, environmental cleanliness campaigns and so on.

So far, the Youth Anti COVID-19 initiative has been facilitated by the Kelurahan (village government) in each region. However, the limited operational funds from the Kelurahan are also an obstacle to the sustainability of this initiative. It is not exceptional for the Anti-COVID-19 Youth movement in Hedam Village, Heram District, Jayapura City.

This situation was reported directly to the KSP field verification team who monitored the overcoming of COVID-19 in several areas in Jayapura City for 3 days. He also added that the KSP Team would study further regarding the issue of operational funds for the sustainability of the Youth Anti COVID-19 movement.

The overcoming of COVID-19 in Jayapura City also requires strengthening because the contagion rate is still quite high added with the limitations of the COVID-19 PCR test kits, the limitations of vaccinators and the low level of community compliance with the 5M health protocol. At the Abepura Health Center in Jayapura City, for example, the vaccination program has not run for a month because most of the health workers and vaccinators have been getting the COVID-19.

However, the good news is that the Head of Abepura Health Center, dr. Grace Juliet Pangendahen said that the public’s enthusiasm for the vaccination program was quite high. In addition, the good collaboration between the TNI/Polri with the hospital and Kelurahan/RT/RW in the procurement of the “Gebyar Gebyar” vaccination center and the effort of a tracing for COVID-19 patients, has had a significant impact in suppressing the addition of COVID-19 cases in Jayapura City.

Although the availability of very limited vaccinators is still a concern in Jayapura, the handling of COVID-19 in Jayapura in general has been quite controlled with the addition of a centralized isolation place, namely on the KM Tidar ship. In addition, Ni Nyoman Sri Antari as the Head of the Jayapura City Health Office also said that the Bed Occupancy Rates (BOR) in Jayapura City has now decreased to the level of 59 percent, from the level of 96 percent last July.

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