Collaboration Is a Key of Accelerating Development in Papua – The government continues to accelerate the distribution of development in various regions of Indonesia. This equal distribution is to emphasize that the targeted development is Indonesia centric.

One area that is the focus of accelerated development is Papua. It can be seen from the regulations issued by the government concerning with the New Autonomous Regions (DOB) which are contained in the Law on Three New Provinces in Papua.

Through this regulation, the government wants development not only to focus on infrastructure alone, but also to pay attention to human resources and unexplored natural resources.

In Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning changes to the Law on Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua, several essential things are assigned in accelerating development.

Such as the transfer of authority from the province to the district/city, the addition of the transfer of funds for Papua’s special autonomy to 2.25% of the National General Allocation Fund, and also provisions for members of the DPRP/DPRK who are appointed without going through the General Election mechanism with a quota of 25%.

With the issuance of this policy, the acceleration of development in Papua does not only involve one party, in this case the traditional elders and the government, but the entire community is also an important element.

According to the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, in the process of accelerating Papua’s development, the cooperation of all relevant parties is also needed to help realize the acceleration of the development of Papua’s welfare, which in this sense is the Papuan Orang Asli (OAP) community.

“I believe that the acceleration of Papua’s development will come true soon, because traditional leaders and all elements of local Papuan champions (OAP) are ready to work hand in hand and actively participate in building the Land of Papua,” he said while attending a virtual event of the Peaceful Papua Declaration organized by the Community Organization. Papuan custom, last June 01.

In addition, the ranks of the Secretariat of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia have also coordinated with ministries and institutions as well as the Papuan Church Association (PGGP) in Papua and West Papua to discuss the acceleration of welfare development in Papua last August.

This coordination clearly shows that the collaboration-based development of Papua involves all parties. Not only between government institutions, but also with other religious and social institutions and organizations.

The government is committed to continuing to provide affirmative policies and regulations by carrying out the spirit of unity, providing quality public services, and fulfilling the rights of the Papuan people. This is done so that the welfare of the Papuan people can be realized immediately.

For Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, this effort is not easy, so to determine the success of development in Papua, a conducive security situation is also needed.

“Efforts to inflame peace and the spirit of unity in the Land of Papua are in line with the government’s commitment through various regulations and affirmative policies,” he said virtually at the Papua Peace Declaration.

The affirmation of the spirit towards a centric and equitable Indonesia can be seen in Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 concerning the acceleration of welfare development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. In the regulation, there are five frameworks talking about accelerating development.

Starting from accelerating human resource development, accelerating economic transformation and development, accelerating and developing basic infrastructure, improving and preserving environmental quality, increasing disasters and climate change, low-carbon development, and accelerating bureaucratic reform and governance.

If this is done seriously, it will greatly accelerate the people of Tanah Papua to achieve prosperity that is equal to other Indonesian people.

In line with this, the Deputy for Government Policy Support and National Insight at the Secretariat of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Velix Wanggai stated that with the government’s policy of increasing 2.25 percent of special autonomy funds from the ceiling of the national general allocation fund, there will be many positive changes in Papua. .

For him, the disbursement of the budget will be a strong reason to strengthen communication between the central government and all regional governments in Papua in order to encourage the acceleration of development in various fields.

For this reason, in order to achieve prosperity which is on par with other regions, holistic collaboration is needed, both from the side of the central government or local government, religious institutions or organizations, and the community, especially Papuan Indigenous People.

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