Collaborating with Business Actors, Mappi Local Government Holds Cheap Market in Obaa Distrik District – The Mappi Regency Government through the Cooperatives and MSME Trade Office held a low-cost market operation at the courtyard of the Obaa District Office, Mappi Regency.

The cheap market by cooperating with business actors in Kepi City was officially opened by the Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael Rooney Gomar, S.STP, M.Si, Monday, September 26, 2022.

An Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R. Gomar, said that this low-cost market operation was a follow-up to the directives of the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Muhammad Tito Karnavian to control inflation as well as stability in food prices and food security.

“This activity was carried out with the support of the TPID (Regional Inflation Control Team) as well as the Food Task Force and business actors to monitor and control inflation in Mappi Regency,” he explained.

Michael hopes that this cheap market can help all people in Mappi Regency, especially in an effort to meet the household needs of each family.

“This supervision will still be carried out and in the future the community can all shop starting from basic necessities. However, for today’s needs, only a few commodities are provided to meet the needs of the community,” said Michael.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Cooperatives and MSME Trade Office of Mappi Regency, Agus H. Nasikin explained, the operation of the cheap market is aimed at controlling inflation due to the adjustment of fuel prices in Mappi Regency.

“The Mappi Regional Government is cooperating with business actors to carry out low-cost market operations. The participation of business actors has responded well and the enthusiasm of the community is also very good,” he said.

Agus ensures that all products sold in the cheap market are below the store or promo price, while the cooking oil is in accordance with the price imposed by the government.

“We also provide 13 thousand liters of cooking oil, with sizes of 1 and 2 liters of product, starting from our cooking oil at Rp. 13,000 per liter, granulated sugar at Rp. 15 thousand per kilogram, Location rice at Rp. 12 thousand per kilogram, super noodles soto. Rp 14 thousand per 5 packs, salt Rp 10 thousand per kilogram and Happy coffee Rp 4 thousand per pack,” he explained.

One of the Mappi people named Ignasia Basahagi admitted that he was helped by the presence of a cheap market, because it provided basic commodities at affordable prices.

“We are happy, especially at present that the price of goods is starting to be expensive, but the government is making a cheap market like this, helping us,” he said.

The same thing was conveyed by Sunandi, a resident of Kepi City who is also happy with the implementation of market operations by the Mappi Regency Government in the midst of difficulties faced by the community.

“The current situation of the community is rather difficult with the high price of goods, but through this cheap market we are greatly helped. If possible, not just this time, so that we can help the small community,” he hoped.

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