Coldplay Invokes Jokowi Care to Papua’s Deforestation – A Music group, Coldplay,  invokes President Jokowi join the Ban Ki Moon Centre. Jokowi was also invited to join a coalition that advocates for the climate crisis in Indonesia at the #GlobalCitizenLive event.

“@jokowi, would you like to join @bankimooncentre and the coalition of Indonesian climate activists at #GlobalCitizenLive and make a commitment to the earth? You lead, then others will follow,” Coldplay tweeted on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

The Global Citizen Live is a 24-hour global event starting on September 25, 2021. This event is to unite the world in defending planet earth and eradicating poverty. This year it will be held simultaneously in several cities such as Lagos, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Rio, Sydney, Seoul, Mumbai, London and many more.

Launching from the page, the Global Citizen Live event is an annual activity to address global issues.  This time, it issues a theme, A Plan for Improvement of the World focusing on Covid-19, ending the hunger crisis, improving learning, protecting the earth and advocating equality for all.

This invitation from Coldplay was responded to by Indonesian netizens who doubted Jokowi would reply to this invitation. “Min, if you have one, you need to prepare a photocopy of your ID card, family card, and RT/RW certificate. It is same if you want to mention, morning at 8. Don’t be too late, the queue is long. Especially at this hour, it’s closed,” tweeted Zarry Hendrik. “Good luck, Coldplay. If you don’t reply, it seems like the tweets are piled up hehehehehe,” tweeted the na.nash account. “Am I hallucinating now? Coldplay just mentioned Jokowi for Global Citizen? WHAT?” tweet elfr_ account.

Not only that, netizens also responded by linking news about natural damage that occurred in Indonesia. “Hahaha, but thank you Coldplay for including Jokowi. In Papua, one of the provinces in Indonesia, there is a lot of deforestation there,” tweeted the account @tumpals*****. “Making a commitment to the planet? I hope that this opens your eyes #SaveKomodoNow. Will I be okay with this leave, I don’t know,” tweeted the @risky***** account.

The names of celebrities who will appear at the Global Cirizen Live later in addition to Coldplay are Ed Sheeran, Black Eyed Peas, BTS, Adam Lambert, Elton John and local musicians in these countries. Let’s wait a week one more.

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