Close Look at the “Satan” Taxi, a Land Transportation on the Trans Papua Road – A Papuan Trans-National Road, Merauke-Boven Digoel, witnessed the horror of the speed of double cabin vehicles used as land transportation for the general public.

The road dividing the two regencies in the Anim Ha customary territory is only taken 6 hours by land without a break. The distance to the area will be two hours longer if a taxi or public transportation ceases at the rest area.

It takes about 8 hours to travel from Merauke to Boven Digoel with an area of ​​432 kilometers. Usually people use Toyota Hilux, a type of public transportation vehicle.

These taxis queue for their turn to carry passengers at the Hilux terminal, which is located in the Mopah Market area of ​​Merauke. Many choices of luxury vehicles to follow the journey of Merauke – Tanah Merah. Starting from the 2015 Hilux to 2021 output.

As a cross-district taxi, this luxury vehicle can also receive services for transporting goods, such as motorbikes, cupboards, refrigerators and other luggage.

The cost of transportation services is around Rp. 700 thousand per passenger. This fee does not include additional baggage fees which will usually charge per kilogram.

Many other motorists for example, Hilux Taxi if passing on the Trans National Road like a “devil”. This parable is familiar to the public because the speed can reach 120 kilometers per hour.

“Mr., just say it, medium or fast,” joked Atang, a “devil” taxi driver when met by, some time ago.

In addition to having beautiful music support facilities, the “devil” taxis also have coolers or air conditioners. Not to mention the comfortable seats, making the passengers always fall asleep. Wow, great isn’t it.

“Relax Sir, the road is now smooth, different from before. In the past, we were still playing in the mud, so if you come with us, it means that you are taking a mud bath. Now if you go up neatly, it means you go down neatly,” joked Atang again breaking the silence of the night.

In traveling across these districts, passengers do not need to bring a lot of provisions, because there are several locations that become a stopover for “devil” taxis that offer light to heavy meals per village.

The stopovers are located in Sota District, Ulilin District and Muting District. This stopover location is a place to eat or stall owned by local residents. “Don’t be afraid to be hungry, there are many stalls here, you just have to tell me which one, the important thing is that there is money,” Atang said while blinking one of his eyes.

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