Citizenship in Building a Church in Sinak Puncak Papua – The Organic Task Force Battalion R 303/SSM together with citizens built a church in Sinak District, North Ilaga, Puncak, Papua. Sunday 16 October 2022.

In his statement at the Sinak Main Command Post (Kout), Major Inf Sandra Setiawan Prihandono as Wadansatgas Organic Unit Battalion R 303/SSM said that this activity is expected to help the community around the post, as well as build harmonization and closeness between the TNI and the community in order to create a situation that is conducive to peace and safe.

‚ÄúThis is one of the steps to be able to come to help the community. With these positive participations and activities, it will certainly build good communication and relations between the community and the TNI. So that the unity of the TNI with the people is getting closer,” he said.

The activity was led by Dantim Pos Sinak Serka Sitompul together with 9 other Pos Sinak members. As a form of tolerance in religious communities, Sinak personnel participated hand in hand to help build the Church in Sinak District by transporting the boards together with the community which will be used as building materials for the Church on a hill.

“All activities are carried out as a form of concern for the TNI Task Force for every activity in the area around the Post,” he explained.

The devotional work carried out by the Satgas Battalion Rider 303/SSM soldiers received appreciation from the Sinak District Tribal Chief, Mr. Desman Murib (40) for his assistance in building the church.

 “We are happy because the presence of soldiers in the assigned area is willing to help residents and work together,” said Desman.

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