Citizens Turn Down Lukas Enembe to be Appointed as a Chief of the Great Tribe of All Papua, this is the reason – Ondoafi of Kampung Abar Sentani Jayapura, Cornelis Doyapo, said that his party did not agree with the discourse that the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, would be appointed as a chief of a large tribe throughout Papua.

All regions in Papua have their own tribes and tribal chiefs. This was stated by Cornelis Doyapo, Ondoafi of Kampung Abar Sentani Jayapura when he was met in Sentani Papua (Saturday 8/10/2022).

“Lukas Enembe is only known as the governor, not the chief of a large Papuan tribe,” said Cornelis.

“The Papuan people want peace and are not disturbed by any problems, especially politics,” said one Ondoafi in Sentani.

“Therefore, his party does not want the legal problems that ensnared Lukas Enembe to be turned into politics by trying to make Lukas Enembe the Head of the Papuan Tribe, that is not true,” said Cornelis.

Ondoafi Cornelis Doyapo asked the public not to be influenced and not to be provoked by the development of the Lukas Enembe case.

“Lukas Enembe as a leader should be in front and dare to sacrifice for the community, not hiding behind his people,” said Cornelis.

His party supports the KPK to be able to resolve the Luke Enembe case as well as possible.

Meanwhile, Nikolas Demetouw, living in the Depapre District, Jayapura Regency, said he was worried.

One of the reasons for Nikolas’ concern was the information circulating that Governor Lukas Enembe was the chief of a large tribe for all Papuans.

According to Nikolas, this can cause unrest and rejection from the tribal communities that exist throughout the land of Papua.

“For us Jayapuranese, we don’t agree, because we in Jayapura also have a big tribal chief. So we know that Mr. Lukas is the Governor of Papua for all the people through the government. But through customs, we, Jayapurans, don’t know that Mr. Lukas is the biggest Ondoafi for Papuans,” said Nikolas.

Even, continued Nikolas, the current Regent of Jayapura who is a big Ondoafi in Sentani, he is only an Ondoafi for his own tribe. Not Ondoafi for all Sentani. It is because each traditional territory of Jayapura Regency, such as in Sentani, Arso, Genyem, has its own Ondoaf.

This Depapre community leader said that in the daily life of the Papuan people, three types of rules prevail, namely state or government regulations, customary rules, and church rules.

The error that is alleged to the Governor of Papua at this time is a mistake according to the government, so it must be tried with the state law represented by the KPK.

“So, the governor, don’t involve customs, invite the community, invite families to take action to protect you. The methods that you use are customary law,” said Nikolas.

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