Citak Asmat Motif on IDR 10,000, is Pride of Papua – The Citak Asmat motif on the IDR 10,000 emitted 2022 rupiah banknote generates pride for the residents and the Government of Asmat, South Papua.

The Regent of Asmat, Elisa Kambu does not even believe that the Citak Asmat motif is clearly depicted on the Rp10,000 bill. He also felt proud, because it became an honor for the Asmat community.

“If that’s true, how proud we are, and an honor for us, because the Citak Asmat Motif is in the money. This indicates that the motif is a symbol of the unity and integrity of the nation,” said Elisa Kambu.

Elisa Kambu expressed his gratitude to the Central Government.” I haven’t seen the money. However, we feel proud. We represent the Asmat community, thank you,” said Elisa Kambu.

The Deputy Regent, Asmat Thomas Eppe Safanpo, said the same thing. As stated by him, the display of the Citak Asmat motif on the IDR 10,000 note indicates that the government has respected the customs and culture of the Asmat Tribe.

“Yes, of course we are grateful and grateful to the Central Government and Bank Indonesia. We feel valued and respected. Hopefully, in this way, we will maintain the unity and integrity of the nation,” said Thomas Safanpo.

Previously, Bank Indonesia and the Ministry of Finance launched seven 2022 rupiah banknotes. The images of the new notes consisted of denominations of IDR 100,000, IDR 50,000, IDR 20,000, IDR 10,000, Rp. 5,000, IDR 2,000, and IDR 1,000.

The front image of the new 2022 banknote in the IDR 10,000 denomination features Indonesia’s National Hero, Frans Kaisiepo as the main image. There are pictures typical of the Indonesian archipelago, the Rough Forest Cempaka Flower, as well as the Papuan Asmat Motif and the Citak Asmat Shield Motif.

While the back shows the Pakarena Dance with the natural beauty of the Wakatobi National Park, combined with the Rough Forest Cempaka Flower. The dominant color of the 2022 IDR 10,000 bill is purple with a size of 13.6 cm x 6.5 cm.

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