Christmas with PLN Manokwari, Synergizing Services with Partners – PT PLN Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Manokwari held a Christmas celebration with work partners on Friday, December 17, 2021.

The Christmas together taking place at Swiss-Belhotel, Manokwari began with the procession of lighting candles at the altar accompanied by the singing of the Song Leader. The Christmas celebration which was full of wisdom was also filled with performances of Liturgy, Choir and Vocal Group as well as some Christmas eulogies.

The Christmas service, led by Pastor Johanes C. Mamoribo, M. Th, was broadcast via online virtual media zoom, which was attended by PLN Group and invited guests from home to outside the region.

Manager of PLN UP3 Manokwari, Roberth Rumsaur on that occasion invited all PLN employees to provide good service to the people in his area.

“Through this Christmas, let’s respect each other and let’s serve our customers so they are comfortable and happy, because lighting up with sincerity to give the best is PLN’s duty,” said Roberth Rumsaur when giving a speech.

Roberth also said that PLN had begun to transform with the spirit of using new and renewable energy in 2021. This step embodies the bright spirit of PLN.

But no less important, said Roberth, is that service is achieved by prioritizing the values ​​of AKHLAK, namely Amanah, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative).

Site Manager of PT PLN Tarakan, Nathan Siahaan representing the PLN Group expressed his support for PLN Manokwari. He is also committed to showing performance achievements so that PLN will not only be remembered when the lights go out.

“We are committed to show our performance achievements so that PLN is not only remembered when the lights turn off, but we continue to maintain customer trust to maintain service reliability,” said Nathan.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Joint Christmas Committee with PLN, Arvy Tryudha, said he was grateful that Christmas could go well. “Thank you to the pastor and all the committee involved in making Christmas celebrations success tonight,” said Arvy.

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