Christmas in Jayapura City is Safe and Conducive – The implementation of the Holy Night worship and Christmas Mass in Jayapura City, Papua, on Saturday, December 25, 2021, ran safely and conducively.

This was conveyed by a Head of the Jayapura City Resort Police (Polresta) Kombes Gustav R. Urbinas through the Head of the Ops Polresta AKP Langgeng Widodo, on Saturday afternoon.

“Almost 200 personnel were deployed to secure the worship held in Jayapura City. Thank God, everything ran safely, smoothly and orderly,” said Langgeng.

In addition to the placement of personnel in churches that carried out Holy Night worship and Christmas Mass on December 25, the Jayapura City Police also conducted dialogical patrols before and during worship.

“We have placed a number of personnel in the church for security, but we also carry out patrols by visiting places of worship and crowds to prevent disturbances to the public order,” he said.

Previously, the Jayapura City Police deployed 173 personnel to secure the implementation of the Holy Night worship in all churches in the Jayapura City area, Friday, December 24, 2021.

The pattern of security is done openly and closed. A total of 40 churches that are a priority for security during the implementation of the Holy Tomb worship in the jurisdiction of the Polresta.

In addition to placing personnel in churches, the Jayapura City Police had also prepared six security and service posts around shopping centers and crowds.

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