Christian Education Foundation (YPK) and the Church’s Important Role in Education – A School Alumni Association (YPK) of Yapen Islands Christian Education Foundation was finally established. This formation was marked by the inauguration of dozens of administrators on Sunday 10 April 2022.

The inauguration of the Management of the YPK School Alumni Association, YPK Sympathizers and Teacher Children for the 2022-2026 period took place at the Immanuel Serui City Church. The inauguration was attended by Assistant II of the Yapen Regional Secretariat, Oktovianus Ayorbaba.

The dozens of administrators who were inaugurated based on SK Number 034/C.1/PSW-YPK/KY/III/2022. They consisted of 6 Daily Executives, 12 Organizational and Cadre Officers, 12 Education Sector.

Then, 11 administrators of the Research and Development Sector, 14 administrators of the Business and Funding Sector, 11 Managers of the Spiritual Sector, 12 Public Relations and Dispute Resolution, 11 YPK Asset and Wealth Management and 7 YPK PSW Expert Teams.

Assistant II of the Yapen Regional Secretariat, Oktovianus Ayorbaba in his speech representing the Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesa welcomed the formation of the YPK Alumni Association which will become a forum for encouragement and value in the development of the world of education.

He also advised all administrators to continue to prioritize mutual respect and appreciation, both among fellow administrators and with alumni in carrying out their current mandate.

Meanwhile, a Chairperson of the YPK School Alumni Association and YPK Sympathizers and YPK Children Teachers, Yohanes G. Raubaba explained, the formation of this board was aimed at supporting the task, especially the administration and education of YPK schools in the Yapen Islands Regency.

“The church has an important role in education, (so) I as Chair of the YPK Alumni Management feel compelled to help advance YPK schools just like state schools and others,” he said.

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