Christian Christmas Mass in Jayapura Papua: Jesus’ Great Love for the Papua Land – Christians in Jayapura City expressed the great love of Jesus for the Land of Papua in the moment of Christmas 2022.

This was delivered by a church congregation in Abepura, Trisanty (27) to while attending the Christmas Mass, Sunday (25/12/2022).

“For us throughout 2022, we feel the great love of the Lord Jesus, we are allowed to be free from the Covid-19 Pandemic and go through difficult twists and turns in life,” she said.

Trisanty said that the love of Jesus that meant the most to her throughout 2022 was the solemn gift of health.

“Praise God throughout this year, God gave health to me and my family,” she said briefly.

She also mentioned that Jesus loved the Land of Papua with its abundance of natural and human blessings, who were always blessed with love.

“Papua, which is called a land of peace with a full sense of brotherhood with one another, for me is a gift from God to Papua beyond its natural wealth,” she continued.

On that occasion, she invited everyone, especially Christians, to give thanks for the abundant blessings.

“God’s love for all of us is so great, God is very good, very good for us,” she said gratefully.

On the other hand, Sella Betaubun (42) admitted that she felt that this Christmas 2022 moment was able to give her a much better spiritual enlightenment.

“I have struggles in life throughout 2022 that have come true and God is in my every utterance, as well as prayers and hopes,” she said.

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