Chief of Keret and Head of Clan Inaugurated to Maintain Tribal Reputation – Amount of two Keret chiefs and 5 clan heads of the Yawa Unat tribe were inaugurated in a traditional ceremony taking place in Yapen Islands Regency, Papua on Wednesday 6 April 2022.

The establishment and inauguration were led by the Yawa Unat Tribe Head attended by the Yapen Islands Regent Tonny Tesar, the chief of the Keret clan alliance and the Yawa Unat traditional leaders.

The 2 Keret Chiefs appointed were Keret Andera Samperai Kristian Payawa and Keret Yowe Mana Sofia Awandoi. Meanwhile, the five clan heads who have been inaugurated are the Payawa (Stefanus Payawa), Tanawai (Yakibus Tanawani), Burumi (Agustinus Burumi), Irimi (Roby Irimi), and Awandoi (Sofia Awandoi).

The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar in his speech appreciated and paid tribute to the newly inaugurated Head of Keret and Head of the Yawa Unat Tribe.

He hopes that the leaders and heads of clan can become good and true exemplary leaders, and maintain the reputation of the Yawa Unat Tribe. “I hope that there will be continued cooperation between the Yawa Unat indigenous people and the government,” he hoped.

The chief of Keret Andera Samperai, Kristian Payawa, asked all customary institutions to take steps to protect and maintain endangered languages ​​and clans.

This is because the Yawa Unat Tribe almost lost a clan, namely the Awandoi clan, so there will be a procession of 1 child aged 3 years to be confirmed in a special event to defend the Awandoi clan.

“Losing a language, let alone a clan, weakens not only cultural diversity but also our collective knowledge as RAS,” said Kristian Payawa.

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