Cheap markets and inflation ahead of Nataru in Papua – The Jayapura Regency Government is holding a bazaar to reduce the inflation rate ahead of Christmas and the 2023 New Year. The bazaar, initiated by the Regional Secretary of Jayapura, Hana Hikoyabi, was being held in several locations.

Apart from the Depapre District, a bazaar was also opened in Nimboran and Sentani Kota to meet the needs of the people in the mainland and on the outskirts of Lake Sentani.

Jayapura Regional Secretary, Hana Hikoyabi said the government must intervene in the price of basic commodities in the market. This can be done by holding a bazaar or sudden inspection (Sidak) of the prices of basic commodities.

“Our first step is to carry out inspections at markets and shops to check prices for retailers and distributors, then proceed to intervene in prices by conducting low-cost markets,” said Hana Hikoyabi at Yahim Pier, Sentani District, Friday, December 23, 2022.

So far, said Hana, her party has tried to control the prices of kerosene and cooking oil and several materials that people need in the market ahead of Nataru.

“The presence of the government at the Nataru moment is very important, therefore through this step of intervening in the price of basic necessities it is hoped that it will really have an impact on the community,” she said.

Hana also added that inspections and bazaars were carried out by involving three technical OPDs such as the Industry and Trade Service (Disperindag), the Jayapura Regency Food Crops and Horticulture Service and the Jayapura Regency Plantation and Livestock Service.

“The collaboration of the three technical OPDs provides the community’s needs at affordable prices with the best quality. We hope this can help the community and stabilize prices in the market,” added Hana.

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