Charm of Twilight in Tarfia Village – Panoramic sunsets are always interesting to enjoy and capture through the camera. This natural phenomenon at dusk sunset presents a stunning charm. The beauty of the sunset, among others, can be seen in the coastal area of ​​Kampung Tarfia in Demta District, Jayapura Regency. The distance is for about 2-3 hours by motorbike from Sentani City.

I also had an opportunity to watch the exotic sunset on Tuesday afternoon, July 14, 2020. By motorbike, I left my house at around 10:00 Papua Time. My motorbike is running at medium speed so that I can enjoy the atmosphere of the trip in a relaxed manner. After entering the two-hour journey, I stopped to stop for a moment at Bridge two in Kampung Brap, Genyem District.

The iron bridge that stretches over Kali Biru has always been my favorite stopover location every time I go to Tarfia. I also rested while tasting bread and a bottle of mineral water as provisions for the trip. To get rid of sleepiness and relieve soreness, I took a walk on the edge of the bridge. The view under the bridge is quite exciting. Kali Biru has a calm and clear current. Fish herds were clearly visible from the top of the bridge. About 15 minutes later, I was ready to resume my journey.

I continued to race the motorbike at a moderate speed until it arrived at Tarfia at around 13.00 Papua Time. The dusk painting of the Frits Taurui Residence became my main destination when I arrived in Tarfia. Frits is my friend and relative at the same time.

He is my sister-in-law’s brother-in-law. Frits, his sister, and his father greeted me that afternoon. We also relax at Frits’ house while enjoying areca nut and hot coffee. “The sunset here is very nice. If you want to take photos, you can go to the lighthouse and on the beach,” said Mr. Taurui, Frits’ father.

Mr. Taurui enthusiastically told about the charm of the sunset in their village. I was amazed to hear it, but had to be patient. The sun is still not fully tilted to the west. There is about an hour left to wait for the seconds the sun goes down. Frits and I were just hurrying when the sun’s rays began to turn yellow. We walked towards the beach, as suggested by Mr. Taurui.

After checking and preparing the shooting equipment, the long-awaited moment arrived. The sun seemed to be getting closer and bigger. The sky turned orange as the sun dimmed. After a long time, the hue grew was darker, before finally slowly blackening with the arrival of the early night. Approaching the sun sets across the ocean, it presents a dazzling gradation of colors.

Objects around the beach also produce a dramatic silhouette. The atmosphere at the end of the twilight was like a giant painting. I was in awe and barely able to capture it. Hands are always shaking and heart is beating fast every time they want to take pictures of the panorama. It was just like a person holding a camera for the first time. It takes self-control and full concentration so that I can photograph it properly.

I am also satisfied because I can witness directly, as well as capture the panorama of the sunset in Tarfia Village. A masterpiece of nature that seems to make me addicted to enjoy it.

Author: Bento Kaniman (Papuan).

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