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Charis Academy School, a Model School in Yapen

goodmorningpapua.com – Charis Academy School Serui will be a model for the implementation of School Every Day (SSH) by the Regional Government of the Yapen Islands Regency, Papua.

This news was conveyed by the Founder of the Let’s Sharing Community (KMB) Erni Tania while visiting Charis Academy School Serui while monitoring the implementation of the SSH, Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

“Finally we can also come to this school, after all our activities, the KMB was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students here,” said Erni, who also serves as Assistant 1 for Government Affairs for the Yapen Islands Regional Government.

The plan, continued Erni, is that her part will socialize it to several schools in the village together with related agencies. “I, as a coordinator of the SSH and Charis SSH implementation at the Academy School, have gone well,” he said.

The Principal of Charis Academy School Serui, Janio Ximines, expressed his gratitude for the visit of the KMB and is ready to serve as a pilot school for the implementation of SSH.

“We are very grateful for the surprise from Mrs. assistant and friends of KMB, bringing gifts for the children and for SSH itself, everything runs well, even supported by the parents of the students,” said Janio.

The visit to Charis Academy School Serui was also attended by the Chairperson of the Yapen Islands DPRD and members of the Yapen Islands DPRD. Closing the activity, KMB distributed bags, milk, and biscuits.

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