Chanting of Emambo Simbo When Ganjar Pranowo Shares Happiness with Students from Papua – The song “Emambo Simbo” by students from Papua welcomed the arrival of the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, at the courtyard of the Surakarta City Government Joint Secretariat.

This time he came to share happiness ahead of the 2022 Christmas celebration.

A warm atmosphere can be seen when between the music playing, a student pins a crown on his head and puts on a beautiful noken around Ganjar’s neck.

There were dozens of Papuan students at that time. Then, they headed to the meeting room to have a dialogue together. Once again, the students welcomed them with the song “East Wind, Cotton Floats” and a typical Papuan dance.

“They will probably celebrate Christmas here, and on average they don’t go home. Understandably students, the tickets are expensive, he said.

He added that the Secretariat Building was provided as a joint office, including that it could be used to celebrate religious days. Ganjar was also happy because students from Papua could use the building.

“They board in many places, and the mayor always gives a special building as a joint office, and there are friends from Papua, he can use it,” he continued.

Ganjar was happy since he could gather with friends from Papua. As he mingled with them, he remembered his college days.

“Now they want to get together, continue to celebrate together here and of course we are happy. Remember when we were students like them at that time, it certainly wasn’t too much,” he said.

Ganjar hopes that the presence of the shared building provided by the government will continue to bring benefits. Ganjar also hopes that the enthusiasm of these children from eastern Indonesia will continue to soar, so that in the future they can contribute to developing the land of Papua.

“So that, when there are facilities from the government, they can gather today, perhaps this can refer to and give them enthusiasm and at the same time share happiness. I hope the children are happy,” concluded Ganjar.

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