Central KONI Encourages Sports Activities in West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Chairman of the Central KONI Marciano Norman hopes that West Papua can develop sport tourism in the area. At least, started from sports competitions first.

This was stated by the former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) when receiving a visit from the West Papua Province KONI, at his office in the Senayan area, on Wednesday (19/1/2022).

The Head of the Central KONI was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Organization (Wakabid) Col. Purn Ishak Setyadi Sjam and the Deputy Head of Media and Public Relations Tirto Prima Putra.

One of the objectives of the visit was to ask for guidance from the Central KONI before holding the Annual Member Meeting (RAT) and the Provincial Sports Conference (Musorprov).

The Deputy Chair II of West Papua KONI Sugestiono was accompanied by the General Secretary (Sekum) Jhoni Saiba, Treasurer Alex Wamaer, members of the organization Yohanes Kristoffel and Dalton Maniagasi.

“The potential of West Papua Sports Tourism is very unfortunate if it is not utilized optimally. I hope there will be sports competitions that introduce West Papua tourism, such as Raja Ampat and others. Through sports, we introduce West Papua which is very rich,” said Marciano in a written statement.

“West Papua KONI must become a model that has succeeded in developing Sport Tourism,” he emphasized.

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