Celebrating 1 Century of GKI Immanuel Serui Kota

goodmorningpapua.com – The congregation of GKI Imanuel Serui Kota held a thanksgiving service to celebrate the 1st century or 100 years of the establishment of GKI Imanuel Serui Kota, in Yapen Islands Regency, Wednesday 1 June 2022.

The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar, in his speech expressed his gratitude for the contribution of the GKI Imanuel Serui Kota congregation who has supported the Regional Government in carrying out development.

“I hope that the partnership relationship that has been well developed so far can be maintained and preserved, even further enhanced in the future,” said Tonny Tesar.

On that occasion, Priest H. Kakiay as BP AM GKI Synod Region IV invited the congregation to reflect on the 1 century age of GKI Imanuel Serui Kota. One of them is the spirit of the predecessors.

“Concerning whether the spirit of our predecessors is still with us in this 1st century celebration? Do we still maintain the value of the gospel in our lives? Are church services still visited with enthusiasm and joy? What have we done for this church for 100 years?” said Rev. H Kakiay.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Committee, Harold Wenno, explained that the total cash funds obtained from members of the Sidi Jemaat and typical money from building chests amounted to Rp. 145,415,000.

Meanwhile, the typical expenses of the committee for the purpose of celebrating the 1st century GKI Imanuel Serui City reached Rp. 63,628,000, with the typical balance of the committee remaining at Rp. 81,787,000.

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