Cataract Surgery at Raja Ampat Hospital – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) in collaboration with SPBK PERDAMI and the Raja Ampat Health Office, held a cataract surgery social service at the Raja Ampat Hospital in order to help the community prevent visual impairment so they can carry out normal activities. The cataract surgery social service is a routine activity that has been conducted since 2001 in almost all areas in the country.

The cataract surgery social service activity was opened by the Head of BCA Jayapura KCU Yusuf Effendi, Wednesday 2 November 2022. Cataract surgery in Raja Ampat was held for two consecutive days, from 02 November to 03 November 2022. In 2022 BCA has successfully held cataract operations in 3 hospitals, namely Asih Husada Hospital, Langensari Banjar, Bhayangkara Sartika Asih Hospital, Bandung, and RSUD East Lombok and has helped more than 700 patients.

A Head of KCU BCA Jayapura Yusuf Effendi said, “We continue to be committed to being on the side of the community in all aspects, one of which is in the health sector. Since 2001, BCA has consistently contributed to reducing the number of blindness due to cataracts in Indonesia so that it continues to decrease from time to time. As we all know that the eyes are one of the important organs in the human body that has a very crucial function, BCA consistently performs cataract surgery for the community, especially people in areas that are not covered by optimal health services.

Based on data compiled by the Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB), from 2014 to 2016 by Perdami and the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Health showed that the blindness rate in Indonesia reached 3% and as many as 81% were caused by cataracts. Observing these figures, of course, it has become the responsibility of various parties to jointly prevent blindness due to cataracts.

This operation also involved six ophthalmologists who were accompanied by medical assistants and supporters to handle cataract operations, not only cataract surgery. In this activity, BCA also helps patients suffering from pterygium, the total number of cataract and pterygium surgeries is ±78 patients, 52 patients and 26 patients with pterygium, some of whom were under 55 years of age. On the other hand, BCA also provides support for the provision of surgical equipment for SPBK PERDAMI, and several Perdami Branches to accelerate the implementation of social services for cataract surgery to eradicate cataract blindness. In 2019, BCA also donated 1 microscope and cataract instrument to SPBK Perdami Central Management, donated 1 microscope to Perdami DKI Jakarta Branch, and supported the purchase of donations for 1 phacoemulsification machine to representatives of Perdami Riau Branch.

Operational Coordinator of SPBK Perdami dr. Faraby Martha said, “Thank God, we express our highest gratitude and appreciation to BCA for actively helping to reduce blindness in Jayapura, especially in Raja Ampat. Hopefully this collaboration will continue and hopefully this Bakti BCA will be an inspiration for other parties to help the blind people.” BCA Executive Vice President Hera F Haryn added, “Reducing the number of blind patients due to cataracts is the homework of all parties, including BCA. Therefore, BCA has collaborated with various parties, both the Cataract Blind Management Section, the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (SPBK-Perdami) since 2001, since 2017 with the Kick Andy Foundation and also with the Raja Ampat Health Service, Raja Ampat Hospital to carry out cataract surgery. sustainably. The cataract surgery social service activity was carried out free of charge. We hope that BCA can continue to reach areas where people need help in order to reduce the number of blindness due to cataracts.”

BCA Holds Cataract Surgery at Raja Ampat Hospital – Through the umbrella of the ‘Bakti BCA’ activity, BCA again held a social service at the Raja Ampat Hospital and collaborated with SPBK PERDAMI and the Raja Ampat Health Office on Tuesday (02/11). Previously, this cataract surgery activity had also been carried out in 3 hospitals, namely Langensari Banjar Hospital, Bhayangkara Sartika Asih Hospital Bandung, and East Lombok Hospital and had helped more than 700 patients.

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