Cartensz Climbing, Indonesian Roof in the Jayawijaya Mountains, Temporarily Closed – Carstensz Pyramid climbing at Puncak Jayawijaya, Central Papua, temporarily closed from 10 October 2022 until an undetermined time. Information on the closure of the mountain, which is also known as the Roof of Indonesia, was conveyed by the Lorentz National Park, regarding the process of repairing a route that is considered risky for climbers.

“It’s true, we haven’t issued permits for climbing tours specifically to the top of Carstensz,” said Head of Lorentz National Park Office Acha Anis Sokoy, Saturday (19/11/2022).

Furthermore, Sokoy explained, this step was taken after considering the safety of the climbers. So it was carried out the repair process on the hiking trail.

“Regarding the condition of the Carstensz Pyramid Peak climbing route in the Lorentz National Park Area which is no longer feasible and poses a risk to the safety of climbers, all climbing operators, mountain guides, outdoor activists, the public and prospective climbers are notified that the Lorentz National Park Office has not served permits for nature tourism or climbing activities until further notice,” said the announcement letter from the Carstensz National Park Agency regarding Licensing Services for Carstensz Pyramid Peak Climbing in Lorentz National Park, on 10 October 2022.

Responding to this, Sokoy said that these illegal climbers would always be found. For him, climbers who are desperate to visit Jayawijaya Peak when it is closed are not true climbers.

“We believe and believe that these illegal climbers are not true climbers who do not deserve to be called true climbers, and of course they are very far from being called environmentalists,” concluded Sokoy.

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