Caring Health at Sorong, PLN Gives Ambulance to Atap Senja Papua Foundation – As a form of concern for health facilities, the PLN Main Unit for the Papua and West Papua Regions provided an ambulance to the Atap Senja Papua Foundation. Handed over by the Manager of PLN UP3 Sorong, Martha Adi Nugraha, the assistance was received directly by the Chairperson of the Atap Senja Papua Foundation (ASP), Riyanti Latifah who was accompanied by the Chair of the DPW PKB of West Papua Province, Abdullah Gazam.

Through PLN’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Assistance Program (TJSL), the assistance worth IDR 340 million will be used for communities in Sorong Regency and City as emergency transportation, which so far is still quite minimal. The ambulance will later be at the foundation’s office in Makbalim Village and the public can directly call the foundation’s number or come directly when they need it.

The chairman of the Atap Senja Papua Foundation, Riyanti Latifah, appreciates PLN’s concern for the welfare of the community, especially in the health sector. This ambulance will later be used for the mobility of people around Sorong Regency who need it during an emergency. “Thank you for the assistance that has been given to us by PLN, hopefully this assistance can be useful for the community. This will greatly ease the burden on the community because the hospital is quite far from here (Makbalim Village) at Km 23. This will take one hour if you walk fast, “he said.

Riyanti also explained that in the future the Atap Senja Papua Foundation will cooperate with the puskesmas in Makbalim Village, so that the assistance provided can be used optimally. Not only through foundations, the community can also directly contact the puskesmas so they can get these services for free.

“We are always ready to help and serve the community. Hopefully in the future the relationship and collaboration between PLN and the Atap Senja Papua Foundation as an extension of the local government can continue to provide many benefits to the community, “said Riyanti.

Meanwhile, the Manager of PLN UP3 Sorong, Martha Adi Nugraha, said that in addition to providing electricity services, PLN is also committed to helping the community, one of which is in terms of health. Through the Atap Senja Papua Foundation, later this ambulance will be managed so that the mobility difficulties experienced by the community can be resolved. “This is a form of synergy between PLN and various parties to help improve the welfare of the community. All need to work together. Hopefully it can be used wisely and on target,” said Adi.

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