Captain Mirza, a Pilot of the Airplane Crashing on Papua, is known to be Friendly and Generous – Captain Mirza was one of the victims of the fall of the Rimbun Air plane in Intan Jaya, Papua, Wednesday (15/9/2021). As previously reported, the Rimbun Air plane was found wrecked after it crashed,  precisely in Bilorai, Sugapa District. Apart from Captain Mirza, two other people were also victims.

They are Fajar as a copilot and Iswahyudi as a technician. Captain Mirza himself is a pilot of the small plane, and in the view of the people,  he is a good person.

Quoted from, it is known that Captain Mirza is a resident of RT 2/8, Curug Village, West Bogor District, Bogor City.

A head of RT 2/8 Curug Village, Wahyu Setiadi, said that he is a friendly and even generous person.

“His family is supple, yes, friendly, but indeed, because the duty,  the person (H Mirza) is rarely at home, once at home he likes to hold activities to provide compensation for orphans and widows,” he said, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

H. Mirza also often supports the continuity of an activity such as a celebreting of August, 17 [Agustusan].

“Yes, Augustusan often makes donations if there are ball activities, like to support the football team, donating costumes, so he has a high social spirit, I salute him,” he said.

The Rimbun Air plane was initially declared to have lost contact in the Sugapa District area, Papua, Wednesday (15/9/2021) morning, until it was suspected that the plane had crashed.  Finally the plane was declared crashed, because the plane was found to have been destroyed.

The plan is that the Rimbun Air plane will land at Bilorai Sugapa Airport. It is known that the airport in Papua is on the edge of a cliff and its runway is only 600 meters long.

 In the initial chronology, the plane took off from Nabire Airport at 06.40 WIT. The last contact between the pilot and Airnav Sugapa officers took place at 07.30 WIT. Generally, a flight from Nabire to Sugapa takes around 40 minutes. However, Rimbun Air was later reported to have lost contact.

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