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Buton tribe in Kayo Pulo Enthusiastically Welcomes KMAN VI

goodmorningpapua.com – The Butonese who inhabit Tahima Soroma Kayo Pulo Village (Hreng-Hreng Mtugus – the original name of Kayo Pulo Village), Jayapura City, South Jayapura District, are ready to support the Conference of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (KMAN) VI Conference in Tanah Tabi.

“As a form of support, we will prepare a mosque for participants who want to pray, we will prepare fish for the participants’ consumption, we will prepare outboard motors to take the participants and we will prepare dances from our tribe, the Buton tribe, Southeast Sulawesi,” said the head of the RT. II, Kampung Kayo Pulau, Ariman with great enthusiasm at the Kampung Kayo Pulo Office on Monday, September 12, 2022.

Ariman also emphasized, for our brothers from Buton, please come to Tanah Tabi.

“We are ready to welcome all my brothers and sisters. Don’t be afraid to go to Papua, in particular, Tanah Tabi, Jayapura City, it is very safe,” said Ariman who was accompanied by Ondoafi Kayo Pulau, Nicolas Youwe and Head of Tahima Soroma Village Kayo Pulo, Head of Kampung Kayu, Pulo Tomi Sibi.

Citizens of RT II in Kayo Pulo Village, who are generally Butonnese, are ready to serve the participants of the KMAN Workshop.

“We will prepare 15 outboard motors and prepare a mosque for participants who want to pray,” said Ariman enthusiastically.

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