Building a Roadmap for the Sake of Preparing of 3 DOBs of Papua – The Ministry of Home Affairs has ensured the acceleration of preparations for the inauguration of the 3 New Autonomous Regions (DOB) of Papua. This effort is the commitment of the Ministry of Home Affairs after the enactment of 3 laws (UU) related to new autonomous regions in Papua, namely Law Number 14 of 2022 concerning the Establishment of the South Papua Province, Law Number 15 of 2022 concerning the Establishment of the Central Papua Province, and Law Number 16 of 2022 concerning Formation of Papua Mountains Province.

A Deputy Minister of Home Affairs (Wamendagri) John Wempi Wetipo explained, in an effort to implement the 3 laws, the Ministry of Home Affairs has made a roadmap that becomes a reference in accelerating the preparation of government administration in the 3 new autonomous regions. Thus, efforts to promote the welfare of the Papuan people can be carried out more quickly.

“This roadmap is to accelerate our work so that prosperity can go well in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020,” he said when he was a resource person on one of the national television station programs, Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

Wempi also hopes that the government in the 3 new autonomous regions of Papua can run more optimally. Moreover, in the future the three new autonomous regions will form their respective Provincial DPR through the 2024 Election. Not only that, with the 3 new autonomous regions the representation of the Papuan people in Senayan, both DPR and DPD, will also increase. “This means that affirmations are getting better at voicing the acceleration of welfare development in Papua as a whole,” he said.

He highlighted that so far in the 3 new autonomous regions there are still challenges that the government continues to overcome, one of which is the issue of road infrastructure development in mountainous areas. With the 3 new autonomous regions, it is hoped that in the future these challenges can be overcome more quickly and optimally. Thus, it will encourage significant positive changes, one of which is a more equitable welfare.

Wempi hopes that the Papuan people can support the government’s efforts to make the program a success. Moreover, currently the government through the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas), the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), as well as other ranks of Ministries/Institutions continue to work hard to make preparations for government administration successful in the 3 new autonomous regions.

“The human resources at the Ministry of Home Affairs with the involvement of Bappenas, then from the Ministry of Finance and all Ministries/Agencies involved in this matter are extraordinary. And I am sure that all processes can run better,” he said.

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