British Council: Papua’s Forests are Crucial to Fight Climate Change – Climate change is as yet an important international topic for the UK. Indonesia is considered to be in an important position in dealing with climate change.

A Director of Education, English and Society at the British Council Indonesia, Colm Peter Downes, explained that Indonesia could be severely affected, while preventing climate change. Downes also highlighted the importance of protecting forests in Papua.

“Indonesia is at the heart of two things, namely being strongly affected by climate change, the impact of climate change will be felt in Indonesia. But (Indonesia) is also at the heart of fighting climate change in protecting forests, especially in Papua, and throughout Indonesia,” said Colm Peter Downes at the 42nd RRI Diplomatic Forum, Tuesday (12/7/2022).

Downes reached that conclusion when holding a round table dialogue when COP26 President Alok Sharma came to Indonesia. The UK is currently the president of COP26 which is the UN conference on climate change.

Downes also invoked governments to involve young people in designing plans to fight climate change. He claimed to have seen Indonesian youths who were innovative and full of ideas.

However, he requested that young people not only be involved symbolically, but that the constructive communication should be opened.

“Listen to young people in a real way, not in a tokenistic (symbolic) way, and let them get involved in designing some actions that we can take to overcome major global problems,” Downes said.

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