BRIDA and Research Center in Papua – We hope that the Regional Research and Innovation Agency (BRIDA) will later become a shelter as well as assistance for various research and innovations in the region, said Mohamad Lakotani, a Deputy Governor of West Papua in the BRIDA Talkshow for the Acceleration and Competitiveness of Regional Innovation (20/4).

“Next month we will immediately launch BRIDA as well as combine it with the research results from Balitbang that have been carried out so far, of course we hope that BRIDA will become a forum for sharing information so that R&D friends in the regions have a place to consult,” he added.

West Papua has many natural resources that have the potential to be developed to add economic value. “Starting from the natural resources in West Papua which, if actually used correctly and appropriately, we believe will be able to move the household economy,” explained Laktoni.

The limitations of technology owned by the people of West Papua are often unable to maximize the value of the natural resources they manage. “In South Manokwari there is an enormous cocoa plantation that was abandoned by investors and managed independently by the local community.

If this is sold normally, the value is also not much after being taken, dried and then sold, the yield is sufficient for daily needs, but the economic value may not be too significant, “said Laktoni.

“We strive so that the existing natural resources can provide great benefits to the community, one of the efforts is to provide assistance to manage natural resources.  Ransiki chocolate is one example of the results of the assistance carried out by the WEST Papua Research and Development Agency. Ransiki chocolate has now succeeded in increasing the number of productions and now has a stand at Grand Indonesia, “he said.

“Besides that, there is also Anggi coffee, coffee that is located in an altitude area with a fairly extreme altitude with a characteristic taste, which is then offered at airports in West Papua. This is creativity that exists in the midst of the community and has been facilitated all this time by West Papua R&D,” added Lakatoni.

 “I think that’s what we can do with the use of natural resources. West Papua has also provided protection for various R&D findings produced by local communities, there are approximately 86 findings in various fields that have been registered to obtain Intellectual Property Rights,” he concluded.

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