BPS Papua Launches SIMACE Application, Here’s Its Function

goodmorningpapua.com – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province launched the Statistical Management and Collaboration System (SIMACE) application, Tuesday 30 November 2021.

A Head of BPS Papua, Adriana Helena Carolina, said that the SIMACE application can make it easier for the community, Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) and related agencies to find information about data.

“This is to make it easier for OPD friends to collect statistical data, there is no need to come again, but simply by opening our application. With one Indonesian data, everything is available from the application,” Adriana said, Tuesday morning.

In addition to OPD, SIMACE application can also be accessed by other agencies related to data. “The general public, then students doing research and have to refer to one Indonesian data can also do it,” he said.

Adriana explained that the SIMACE application is integrated with all other BPS applications, because this is a statistical recommendation, so that all data is connected. He also ensures the security of the data.

“We ourselves have a data security system that we will not correct and only a few people can access it. Until now it has only been accessed by us, (if) any data is exposed, it will be discovered or tracked,” said Adriana.

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