BP Jamsostek Papua Appeals Participants to Fight against Corruption Behavior, here is the Way

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Jayapura Branch of the Employment Social Security Administering Agency (BP Jamsostek) appeals social security participants to eradicate corrupt behavior.

This appealing was conveyed via online sticky notes for BP Jamsostek participants who came to the office on the commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day (Harkodia) which falls on 9 December.

In addition to faight against the corrupt behavior, this step also aims to provide enthusiasm and motivation so that BP Jamsostek can continue to improve and continue to uphold integrity and professionalism.

Dominggus Guani, one of the BP Jamsostek participants who made sticky notes, hopes that the 2021 Hakordia Commemoration can eliminate corrupt behavior in all lines of public service.

“We hope that within BP Jamsostek, corrupt behavior can also be avoided so that the quality of services for the community can be improved,” said Dominggus, a private employee who has been a participant of BP Jamsostek Papua Jayapura Branch for 10 years.

A Head of BP Jamsostek Papua Jayapura Branch, I Ketut Arja Leksana said that Hakordia’s warning to the environment is routinely carried out every year by filling out “sticky notes”.

“All BP Jamsostek personnel have also signed an integrity pact. This shows a commitment to uphold the integrity and professionalism of all BP Jamsostek personnel,” said Arja.

In commemoration of this World Anti-Corruption Day, BP Jamsostek also wants to convey to the public and participants about their commitment to fight against corruption both internally and externally.

“For people who find corruption, gratuities or bribes can be reported through the channel, namely the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) which can be accessed through the official website of BP Jamsostek,” said Arja.

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