Boosting the Economy of the Villagers of Kamanap Yapen through BUMDes – Government through the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) continues to disburse village funds.

Not only that, the Government also provides assistance in the use of village funds to eradicate poverty and equalize the economy in all corners of the country.

Kamanap Village, Kosiwo District, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua is one of the villages receiving village funds from the Government.

To advance the economy of its citizens, a Head of Kamanap Village, Andareas Rumbewas is determined to spend a budget to form a Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDes).

“In Kamanap, most of the residents are gardeners and fishermen. We want to boost the local economy by means of a well-programmed agency, namely BUMDes. Our initial capital has just poured as much as IDR 25 million because this BUMDes has just been formed,” said Andareas.

He hopes that the establishment of BUMDes funded through village funds can make it easier for residents to market garden products and spin the economy of the residents of Kamanap Village.

“We will also do empowering, concerning with the management of garden and marine products so that they become permanent livelihoods for the residents here. Nearly 50 percent of all residents here have gardens,” said Andareas.

As explained in Permendesa Number 13 of 2020, that one of the priorities for using village funds is for national economic recovery in accordance with village authority by means of the establishment, development and revitalization of BUMDes so that the implementation of the village fund budget can be more productive.

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