Boosting the Economy of Papua, Prudential Ready to Give Birth to 40 Young Entrepreneur Candidates

The Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program is expected to boost the Papuan economy. Economic progress can not only rely on the already running businesses. To maintain sustainability, an area needs new entrepreneurs who can give birth to new businesses and jobs.

As one of the areas with abundant natural resources and a young demographic, Papua is now improving its economy by giving birth to new entrepreneurs.

Even though we are currently facing the Covid-19 pandemic, this commitment is encouraged by PT Prudential Indonesia helping in producing new, tough and professional young entrepreneurs in Papua.

Through the Indonesian Junior Achievement program (PJI), Prudential inaugurated 40 young entrepreneurs through the second wave of Youth Entrepreneurship Education program. This program is an entrepreneurship training and mentoring program for Papuan youths aged 18-35 years.

Sharia, Government Relations and Community Investment Director of Prudential Indonesia, Nini Sumahandoyo, explained that the first wave of the education program has generated 33 young entrepreneurs from Papua playing an active role as drivers of the local economy.

Nini explained that the second wave of the program was held again because of the great interest of young Papuan people to participate. “To respond to the high interest in this program, we again provide opportunities for Papuan youths and expand their reach,” said Pribadi.

In the first wave, participants came from five districts of Jayapura City, namely Abepura, Heram, North Jayapura, Yapaura Selatana, and Muara Tami. Then in the second one, it expanded its reach in two new districts, namely Jayapura, Sentani and East Sentani districts.

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