BNPT Explores Allegations of Village Funds Flowing to KKB in West Papua

` – A Head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar said his party was investigating the alleged flow of village funds to armed criminal groups (KKB) in West Papua.

“So it’s like this, the misappropriation of village funds [to KKB] will definitely be investigated, yes, allegations in that direction have always existed,” said Boy when met at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, Thursday (10/11).

Boy said the results of the investigation would be followed up by law enforcement officials. It will also identify the funds that flow to anyone.

He also emphasized that the alleged misappropriation of village funds was not legally justified. KKB has been designated as a terrorist group. He also emphasized that the parties involved in this case could be punished for terrorism and money laundering.

“Of course if it flows to armed criminal groups, this could be even worse, because armed criminal groups are groups that today have been declared by the government to be part of acts of terrorism,” said Boy.

“So in relation to that problem, we will wait for the results of the investigation, yes, the allegations are indeed heard, but we need evidence to strengthen the law enforcement process,” he added.

Furthermore, Boy said that his party would carry out mitigation in the field of supervision related to this alleged case. He said that this supervision was not only the responsibility of the ministry, but that local governments and the public had an important role in monitoring.

“So there should be no money flowing for acts of extreme violence that lead to acts of terrorism. We make sure that the village money flows for the benefit of the village community,” he said.

For information, the alleged misappropriation of village funds to KKB in West Papua was disclosed by the Director of Special Crimes at the West Papua Police, Kombes Police Romylus Tam, on 28 October.

He ordered his staff to investigate the use of the Village Fund in two areas where the KKB concentrated in West Papua.

“In the last two years there have been incidents carried out by armed criminal groups, namely Maybrat Regency and Teluk Bintuni Regency. The team is investigating the use of village funds in two villages in the Regency,” said Romylus in Manokwari, Friday (28/10).

Romylus said his party had identified a number of areas suspected of being linked to the case.

“There are several locations that we have marked because they are suspected of supporting KKB activities,” he said.

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