Blessings of Ramadan, Muslim Clothing and Prayer Equipment Business at Yapen Gets Selling Well – Ramadan has entered its second week. Some preparations to welcome Eid al-Fitr are already visible, such as making cakes untill shopping for Eid needs.

This annual phenomenon is often a great opportunity for clothing business people to gain multiple profits.

Not only in big cities, clothes and Muslim clothing businesses in the regions are also selling well in 2022. In Papua, for example, storeses of clothes, Muslim clothing and prayer equipment are crowded before Eid.

This condition is recognized by Ramji, one of the Muslim fashion entrepreneurs in the Yapen Islands. In fact, sales of Muslim clothing and prayer equipment have doubled.

“Mukena, prayer rugs, Koko clothes, I brought them in early March, this April has been sold out, maybe last year I didn’t have time to shop, I think or maybe because the corona has decreased, so they are bought this year,” said Ramji, Sunday 18 April 2022.

Apart from Ramji, Boutiq Miss Shoop also has an increase in clothing sales in Serui. Misbah, the owner of the boutique, admitted that customers have been arriving since the beginning of Ramadan.

“This year it has increased somewhat from before, usually it is crowded only at times a week before Eid, it’s been two weeks since the start of fasting, thank God, it’s always busy,” admitted Misbah.

According to Misbah, Muslim women’s top dress, bags and slippers are the most sought after by customers who visit her boutique. The average visitors is teenagers to adults.

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