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Blessing in the Inland of Nduga Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Satria Musara soldier of Kodam Iskandar Muda held “ the Blessing Friday” activity, distributing free food in a form of packaged rice and mung bean porridge to the community as a form of concern for the people in the remote area of ​​Mbua Nduga, Papua. Friday January 14, 2022.

The activity was led by Lt. Inf Rahman Nur Sembiring as the Territorial Officer of the Battalion RK 114/Satria Musara Kodam Iskandar Muda, involving soldiers from the Battalion RK 114/Satria Musara Task Force.

Dansatgas Yonif RK 114 Lt. Col. Inf Putra Negara said that in the implementation the soldiers prepared food, ranging from determining the menu, cooking and preparing it to distributing it to the people who came to the Mbua Post.

This activity of the Blessing Friday is held routinely every Friday since the beginning of entering the assignment area in August 2021. Not only at Mbua Post but at the Task Force Post of RK 114/Satria Musara where the community also holds the same activities, such as Grinbun Post and Dal Post . The Blessing Friday activity aims to establish a harmonious relationship between the TNI Task Force and the surrounding environment.

A Commander of the Tas Force [Dansatgas] hopes that this activity can at least ease the burden on the people living in the interior of Nduga.

“Hopefully this sharing activity can be useful for our brothers and sisters in need, with the hope of giving the same pleasure to the people who receive it as what we feel every day, and hopefully it becomes a value for worship,” hoped Lt. Col. Inf Putra.

This activity received a very good appreciation from the community, especially from among mothers, it can be seen from the many thanks and one of the mama mama.

“What soldiers of TNI Post are doing is a noble thing, hopefully they will get a reply from the Lord Jesus,” said Mama Fikri, a resident of Digilmo Village.

“Lamelek (children) wait for a lot of brothers, today everyone can eat, wa… wa… wa….” Continued from Mama Paten, one of the residents of Kampung Arugia who also received the packaged rice with her child.

In the same place, First Lieutenant Inf Rahman Nur Sembiring said that the residents looked very happy and grateful because Friday was the day that was eagerly awaited, especially by mothers and children.

“We are also happy because the activities we are holding are well received by local residents,” concluded First Lieutenant Inf Rahman Nur Sembiring.

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