BKKBN Papua Gets Optimistic to Reduce Stunting Rate to 16 Percent in 2024

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Province National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) is optimistic to be able to reduce the stunting rate to 16 percent by 2024 in Cenderawasih Earth. With the remaining two years, the Papua BKKBN hopes for cooperation from all parties.

A Head of the Papua Province BKKBN Representative, Nerius Auparay, said the percentage of stunting is now 29.5 percent. “The point is that there must be a commitment and seriousness to prevent stunting in the Papuan generation,” he said in Jayapura, Wednesday (13/7/2022).

 As stated by Nerius, the Papuan BKKBN has now also formed a Family Assistance Team (TPK) to accelerate the reduction of stunting so that it can monitor the condition of children starting from 1,000 days of life. “Our TPK now amounts to 17,304 persons spread over every village consisting of PKK cadres and health or family planning workers,” he said.

In addition, the Papua BKKBN has established task forces (Satgas) in 29 districts/cities, assisting the government in efforts to accelerate stunting reduction through valid data collection. “So, each district/city will be assigned 8 people to coordinate with the regional government as representatives of the Papua BKKBN,” he said again.

He added that with the formation of a stunting management team that was deployed in every village in Papua, they would be solid in working well together, so that the target for reducing stunting rates could be realized.

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