BIAN in Mappi, Children Receive Vitamin A to Supplementary Food – Commemorating the National Child Immunization Month (BIAN), TP – PKK Mappi Regency held a posyandu which took place in the PKK office in Mappi Regency, Saturday, August 20, 2022.

The TP – PKK in Mappi Regency, Mrs. Stefani Gomar said that commemorating Vitamin A and BIAN 2022 Months, PKK conducted a series of activities packaged in the posyandu. “Today the Orchid Posyandu serves children accompanied by the provision of vitamin A and additional food,” he explained.

Posyandu services are routinely carried out every month. However, in August, which coincided with the month of vitamin A and at the same time as BIAN, various activities were carried out simultaneously.

There are 2 kinds of vitamin A for children, namely blue capsules for babies aged 6-11 months with a dose of 100,000 IU and red capsules for babies aged 12-59 months with a dose of 200,000 IU. In addition, the provision of worm medicine and additional food is also carried out.

Meanwhile, the BIAN program focuses on immunization against measles, oral polio and injectable polio. For children who have not received complete immunizations, they can follow the chase immunization which is specifically for children under 5 years of age. “From today onwards, posyandu services will be carried out at the PKK office,” he said.

He added that the Mappi Regency PKK has programmed 2 activities, namely training for PKK posyandu cadres and elderly posyandu. Posyandu services for the elderly will be carried out in home care together with medical officers.

“For the elderly posyandu, they will coordinate with the health office and are currently collecting data for the elderly. Later the cadres will visit the elderly’s homes and provide services accompanied by a medical team,” he said.

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