Biak Regency Government Provides an Award to Papuan Women Who Have Many Children – The District Government (Pemkab) of Biak Numfor, Papua Province will provide awards to native Papuan women (OAP) from the Biak Tribe who have many children or more than four children. This award is part of welcoming and enlivening the 77th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI).

“The local government’s award to the family of a Biak native woman who has many children is to increase the number of children of the indigenous Biak tribe, Papua,” said Biak Regent Herry Ario Naap in response to the gift giving to OAP women who have many children in Biak, Sunday (14/8/). 2022).

Regarding this award, said Herry Ario Naap, the Biak Numfor Regency Government through the Population and Civil Registry Service is currently registering OAP Biak women who have many children through the ownership of a family card officially issued by the government.

From the surnames of the chosen women, according to the Regent, on the momentum of the commemoration of the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, a special gift from the local government will be prepared for the indigenous women of Biak.

According to Herry Ario Naap, based on data from the Biak Population and Civil Registration Service, until mid-2022, the population in Biak Numfor Regency reached around 145,000 families.

Of the total population of Biak Numfor, continued Herry Ario Naap, around 90,000 of them are OAP residents and around 65,000 are non-Papuans from various parts of Indonesia.

“The total number of around 90,000 indigenous Papuans, specifically for the Biak Tribe, still has to be increased. Yes, through the provision of rewards from the Biak Regency Government, it is hoped that Biak women can increase their desire to have more children by keeping the birth intervals apart,” he said.

In addition to the award, he said, the Biak Numfor Regency Government through the relevant agency has prepared a program to increase nutritional intake for children’s growth and development, especially for families with many children.

“In the future, parents will work together with the local government to increase the number and quality of the young generation from Biak to be prepared to become regional leaders and continue the relay of national leadership in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Herry Ario Naap.

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