Biak Numfor, the Enchantment of an Exotic Fairy Tale Land in Papua – Biak Numfor Regency is a piece of paradise in Papua. The underwater scenery is like a stunning painting, just like Raja Ampat in West Papua. In fact, Biak Numfor is being virally called the Land of Fairy Tales as its nature offers very beautiful scenery.

Some people don’t know much about this area located in Cendrawasih Bay. This district in Papua Province is directly opposite the Pacific Ocean and to the south is the mainland of Papua.

The position of Biak Numfor tourism is very strategic because it is a liaison with other countries, in the Pacific region, Australia, and the Philippines. This is what causes Biak Numfor to develop in various sectors of the tourism industry. Not surprisingly, this place is not only visited by local tourists but also foreign ones. The following are recommendations regarding places that must be visited by tourists.

1. Samares Blue Lake

Located in the Samares-Sepse Lake, East Biak District, Biak Numfor Regency, West Papua. You can travel about 1 to 2 hours by car from Biak City. After arriving there, we will immediately be presented with very beautiful natural scenery starting from the grove of trees that welcomes the clear blue water of Samares Blue Lake. Even when snorkeling, diving, or swimming, you will be spoiled by the beauty of the underwater world and feel the freshness of the lake water.

2. Raja Tiga Island

Located in Adoki Village, Yendidori District, Biak Numfor Regency. As the name suggests, the island of Raja Tiga has 3 clusters of beautiful islands that have different paths to traverse. The tourists can directly visit the cluster of islands by crossing the clear sea water using a boat. Arriving on the island, you will be presented with views of the forest and its green trees. In addition, you can also enjoy the underwater scenery with fish, coral reefs, and various other beautiful marine habitats.

3. Binsari Cave

Located in Sumberker, Samofa District, Biak Island, Biak Numfor Regency, West Papua. When visiting Binsari Cave, tourists can see firsthand the ruins of historical heritage from Japan. You can find army helmets, leftover types of ammunition, the bones of Japanese soldiers, and many others. The visitors will be made to reminisce about the memories of the historical period accompanied by the beautiful view of Binsari Cave, added with the sunlight that looks beautiful entering through the gaps of the cave’s stalactites.

4. Bird Park and Biak Orchid Garden

When entering the Bird Park and Biak Orchid Park, you can see many types of birds and various types of orchids. Several types of birds that can be found here include cassowary, mambruk, parrot, bird of paradise, black cockatoo, and many other types of birds. For lovers of orchids, perhaps this Biak Numfor tourist spot can be called a paradise of orchids since it has a variety of beautiful collections, such as moon orchids, black orchids, king orchids, and frizzy orchids. This bird park and breeding orchid garden is located on Jl. Raya Bosnik, Ruar, East Biak District, Biak Numfor Regency, West Papua.

5. Bosnik Beach

Located on Jalan Raya Bosnik, Yenusi, East Biak District, Biak Numfor Regency, West Papua. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a vacation to the beach, this is the right destination. Bosnik Beach or commonly referred to as Segara Indah Beach offers a panoramic view of the blue expanse of the sea combined with beautiful waves. Besides being pampered with beautiful views, tourists can also snorkel or dive on this Bosnik beach or just enjoy the beauty of the beach by drinking fresh young coconut water.

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