Biak Numfor Papua to Become a Fish Exporting Area – The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) encourages Biak Numfor Regency to become a food center with fish as its main commodity. Through the Development of Marine and Fisheries Center (SKPT) of Biak Numfor, Papua, it is hoped that this mission will be realized.

Moreover, SKPT of Biak Numfor, Papua, is now showing positive results. According to the Chairman of the Biak Regency DPRD Numfor Milka Rumaropen, the premier shipment of 17 tons of small pelagic fish to the domestic market is a milestone in the revival of the regional fishery industry located at the Cenderawasih Bay area.

“We appreciate the presence of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) through the SKPT program so that the development of the marine and fisheries sector in Biak Numfor Regency can grow and develop,” said Milka in a written statement.

The commodities that have succeeded in reaching out the domestic market are baby tuna, skipjack, fly, deho and other types of fish. The Manager of the Syaloom Cooperative, Godlief, said that the delivery was done via KM. Tanto Surya Voy 252 or sea highway inaugurated by the Ministry of Transportation in 2020.

The delivery of fish with reefeer containers is 17 tons or 1 container. Meanwhile, Artati Widiarti, the Director General for Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products (PDSPKP), said that he was proud of this program. In his view, the SKPT program of Biak Numfor can be carried out well due to the synergy of all stakeholders.

KKP, said Artati, has also built Integrated Cold Storage (ICS) and has been handed over to the Biak Numfor Regional Government. “ICS with a capacity of 200 tons has 2 units of cold storage, with a capacity of 100 tons per unit and 2 units of ABF with a capacity of 5 tons per unit,” he explained.

The ICS is then managed by a local cooperative, namely the Syaloom Cooperative and absorbs 16 workers, the majority of whom are indigenous Papuans. Before the first fish delivery was carried out, the frozen fish products produced by ICS were projected to fulfill the needs of hotels, restaurants and bistros in the city of Biak.

“We hope that the delivery of fish to Surabaya (Java Island) is the first step, and in the future ICS can export,” hoped Artati.

Director of Business and Investment of the Directorate General of PDSPKP, Catur Sarwanto, added that KKP has encouraged Biak Numfor Regency to become a food center with fish as its main commodity. Through the construction of the SKPT, the Directorate General of PDSPKP did a number of agendas to achieve this mission.

“As a result, a catch fisheries production from 2016-2019 had increased by 35%. In 2016, the production of fishermen’s catch was only 56,960 tons and it became 76,847 tons in 2019,” explained Catur.

For information, the first shipment of 17 tons of frozen fish produced by ICS SKPT Biak Numfor was undertaken in the PPI Fandoi area. This delivery is a collaboration between the Syaloom Cooperative and CV. Galilee Blessing of Prosperity.

The deliverance activity was attended by the Director of Business and Investment at the Directorate General of PDSPKP, Biak Fish Quarantine Wilker, Biak PSDKP Station, Biak Customs and Excise, Head of KSOP Biak, Pangkosek Hanuknas IV, Chairperson of Commission 2 DPRP Papua Province and Regional Government of Biak Numfor Regency. 

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