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Biak Numfor Papua Hospital Has 2 New Health Centers with the Latest Facilities

goodmorningpapua.com – Biak Numfor Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Papua now has a new health facility (faskes). There were 2 health centers that were inaugurated, namely the Pasi and Mandori Health Centers, with up-to-date medical facilities.

“With the inauguration of these two new buildings, and through the latest medical equipment in the Emergency Room and Surgery Center, we can improve health services for the people of Biak Numfor,” said Deputy Regent of Biak Numfor Calvin Mansnembra in a statement received, Sunday (20/11/2022).

The inauguration of the new health facilities was carried out to coincide with the 58th National Health Day, last Saturday (12/11). This facility is a support for the Biak Numfor Hospital.

A Director of Biak Numfor Hospital, Richard Ricardo Mayor, said that the health facilities and infrastructure of Biak Numfor Hospital will continue to be completed every year. This is his commitment to make the Biak Numfor Hospital a referral hospital in Papua, especially in the surrounding areas such as Saereri, including Supiori, Waropen, and Yapen Islands.

Ricardo said that the new building was built with Rp 16 billion as a source of Papua’s Special Autonomy funds. Meanwhile, the Biak Hospital integrated surgery building will be built in 2021 with a special allocation of funds.

“I hope that health services for the people of Biak Numfor will continue to be improved in terms of quality and availability of infrastructure so that residents do not need to seek medical treatment outside of Papua,” said Ricardo.

He emphasized that the Biak Numfor Hospital fully serves the people who own the BPJS, through the special doctors available. Hospitals even have a lot of the latest medical equipment.

“With the operation of the new IGD building and integrated operating room, it will begin to operate serving the people of Biak Numfor 24 hours. Residents with only IDR 5,000 (transportation) can get treatment with our medical services,” he said.

Meanwhile, surgeon at Biak Hospital, Dr. Wayan Widana, added that the operation of the integrated surgical building would improve services for patient operations at Biak Numfor Hospital.

“Every patient operating day at the RSUD can reach a maximum of 30 people,” said the senior surgeon at the Biak Hospital.

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