Biak and a Chilli Barn Center in Papua – A Department of Agriculture and Food Security, Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, has prepared the Biak area as a center for chili food farming in Eastern Indonesia.

“There are a number of locations for chili plants that have been planted and are ready to be harvested in the near future to be marketed to various regions in Papua Province,” said Biak Regent Herry Ario Naap in Biak, Thursday (11/8/2022).

Regent Herry said that so far the supply of chili sold in Biak Numfor Regency depends on outside the region because it comes from Makassar, Manado and Surabaya.

Therefore, through harvesting chili plants produced by farmers, fostered by the Department of Agriculture and Food Security, Biak Numfor Regency, it is hoped that the fulfillment of needs can be obtained from other districts in Papua and West Papua.

“The chili harvest series will be carried out next week to close the series of lively events for the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2022,” said Regent Herry.

In addition, for him, the chili harvest can increase the family’s economic income for local farmers.

Currently, a number of locations are listed as chili farming centers in Biak Numfor, namely Yendidori District, West Biak, North coast of North Biak, Numfor Island and East Biak district.

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