BI Papua Predicts Omicron Variant Will Not Affect the Economy – A Head of Bank Indonesia for Papua Province Representative, Naek Tigor Sinaga, assessed that the impact of the new variant of the Omicron Covid-19 virus did not affect the Indonesian economy.

“The impact of Omicron will not be as severe as at the beginning of the pandemic, as predicted by the Governor of Bank Indonesia, in which our national economy will grow at a national level of 4-5 percent,” said Naek in Jayapura, Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

Naek predicts that the economy will improve more than the period in 2021. The increase itself, said Naek, could reach 3-4 percent.

“Our prediction is that it will increase even more compared to the period in 2021, around 3-4 percent, because now we have started to get used to implement health protocols and have carried out vaccines,” he said.

Naek admits there was a lot of fear at the start of the pandemic, which occurred in April, May and June, causing stock price indexes to plummet and exchange rates soaring.

“So our economy at that time declined above minus 5 percent, after that there was a Delta wave, starting from July, August it has started to adapt and now it’s Omicron. The important thing is to stay safe and let’s get vaccinated,” said Naek.

On that occasion, Naek also conveyed that the destruction of shabby money from January to November reached Rp 1.7 trillion. This figure has decreased compared to the previous year which reached Rp 2.1 trillion.

“We have tools for sorting, there are instruments for destroying IDR 20,000 and below. We destroy every shabby money at a maximum of IDR 100,000 to (reaching) almost 90 percent, followed by IDR 50 thousand,” concluded Naek.

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