BI Papua: Green Economy is a New Source of Economic Growth – A Head of the Kekda Formulation Team for Papua Regional Office of Bank Indonesia, Agni Alam Awirya, said that the challenges ahead are quite large related to global economic instability.

Many predictions expressed that global economic conditions are a little hampered due to the geopolitical conditions that occur in Eastern Europe.

”Indonesia has a lot of economic resources, thus there is still a big opportunity to optimize these resources, including in Papua,” said Agni in an economic study event entitled Green Economy Development Opportunities in Papua, at the Aston Jayapura Hotel, Monday (12/12/2019). 12/2022).

Agni said, Bank Indonesia encourages the creation of new economic growth in Papua by continually communicating with stakeholders so that they do not continue to depend on the mining sector which has so far been dominant in economic growth in Papua.

“In this effort too, we see that one of the sectors which is quite important and relevant is related to the green economy, because Papua has forests which are the largest compared to the average forests in other provinces in Indonesia,” he explained.

“Supposing that forests are the last line of defense, we think it is very important to develop a green economy,” continued Agni.

In this regard, said Agni, Bank Indonesia is conducting research on the green economy, particularly forestry and renewable energy issues.

“Hopefully, what we deliver this year can inspire and provide input for future economic development efforts, especially with regard to new economic sources,” he said.

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