BI Papua Distributes Money Fit for Circulation to 3Ts Region – The Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Papua Province distributed money fit for circulation through the Sovereign Rupiah Expedition (ERB) to the six Terdepan, Terluar dan Terbelakang (3Ts) islands in Bumi Cenderawasih.

A Head of KPw Bank Indonesia Papua Province Juli Budi Winantya in Jayapura, Monday (20/6/2022), said this activity in 2022 was the ninth time done. “With the ERB, we want to ensure that the rupiah is in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

According to Juli, the money disbursed is expected to be sufficient to meet the needs of the six islands, namely Liki, Teba, Waropen, Yapen, Numfor and Bepondi. In addition to the distribution of money fit for circulation, worn out money can be withdrawn back to BI.

“Besides, we also conduct education on Cinta Proud Paham Rupiah (CBPR), so that people will be proud as citizens of using rupiah,” said Juli.

He explained that the presence of money fit for circulation is also an education so that people can see the characteristics of the authenticity of rupiah currency. “The ERB in Papua Province was attended by 15 Rupiah fighters from a number of representative offices of Bank Indonesia in Indonesia,” said Juli.

He added that his party appreciated the Indonesian Navy for supporting Bank Indonesia in distributing quality money, especially to all 3Ts areas in the Republic of Indonesia in order to uphold and maintain the sovereignty of our beloved nation and country. The Sovereign Rupiah Expedition using the Republic of Indonesia Warship (KRI) 870 Posepa was released at the port of Jayapura, Monday (20/6/2022).

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