BI Estimates Papua’s Economy to Grow Up to 4.15 Percent in 2023 – The Papua Province Representative Office of Bank Indonesia estimates that the Papuan economy will grow by 3.75 percent to 4.15 percent in 2023.

This economic growth estimate was expressed by the Deputy Chief Representative of BI Papua, Dedy Irianto at the 2022 Bank Indonesia (PTBI) Papua Annual Meeting in Jayapura with the theme “Synergy and Innovation Strengthening and Awakening Towards an Advanced Indonesia”, on Wednesday 30 November 2022.

In addition to the growth of the Papuan economy, BI Papua also estimates that inflation in 2023 will remain low and stable in the range of 3 ± 1 percent (yoy). However, cross-stakeholder and sector synergy is needed in dealing with various phenomena going forward.

“Throughout 2022, Papua’s high economic growth will play a role in accelerating regional and national economic recovery. However, we all need to be aware of the challenges stemming from the dynamics of the global economy,” he said.

Before ending his presentation, Dedy conveyed two main messages at the 2022 Bank Indonesia (PTBI) Papua Annual Meeting, namely innovation and synergy.

“Innovation is very important to support a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive Papuan economy by encouraging new sources of economic growth,” he said.

Assistant II to the Regional Secretariat of the Papua Province, Muhammad Musa’ad appreciated the synergy and cooperation that has yielded good results between the government and Bank Indonesia and other institutions.

This synergy has increased people’s welfare as reflected in the cumulative economic growth up to the third quarter. In addition, inflation in the province of Papua is also relatively under control amid increasing global economic prices.

“Taking Control of inflation is inseparable from collaboration with the Regional Inflation Control Team in carrying out activities including cheap markets, inspection operations to efforts to increase food production,” explained Musa’ad.

He hopes that in the future the increase in production capacity can make Papua the main food supply area for the eastern part of Indonesia.

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