BI Continues to Improve Digital Literacy for Papuan MSMEs – Bank Indonesia (BI) continues to provide digital literacy for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Papua so that MSMEs can continue to grow and contribute more to the Papuan economy.

A Head of Representative for Bank Indonesia (BI) Papua, Juli Budi Winantya, said that his party saw the enormous economic potential in Papua, which must continue to be developed.

For this reason, continued Juli, his party regularly holds training and mentoring for MSMEs every year. This year, there were around 50 MSMEs invited by Bank Indonesia through several stages.

“We invite them to sit down to learn about theory, then also practice, after that there is also a mentoring process to be able to market their products, especially marketing through digital. Therefore we also provide digital literacy so that these MSMEs can upsize their market,” said Juli in discussion of the Merdeka Barat 9 Forum (FMB9) with the theme “Proud Made in Indonesia, Stretching Papuan SMEs” on Thursday (18/8/2022).

Juli added that his party also provides digital literacy regarding non-cash payment systems, for example payments using QRIS.

He explained that the potential of Papua is very large and the timing of the Gernas BBI in Papua in August 2022 is very precise, since it is very closely related to the theme of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, namely Recover Faster, Rise Stronger.

For Budi, the theme is certainly closely related to the topic of developing MSMEs. “So when we talk about getting stronger, we’re talking about structure. In that structure, growth is balanced. So the recovery will not only occur in Java but also outside Java, including in Papua,” said Juli.

He added that the growing sectors were not only certain sectors, but also in all sectors. Then, not only the conventional economy, but also the Islamic economy is growing. This strong structure is not only enjoyed by big entrepreneurs but also this growth is felt by MSMEs.

Juli said a number of commodities in Papua have enormous economic potential. One of them maybe as an example is coffee.

Coffee is one of the leading commodities in Papua. Papuan coffee is now at both national and global level, because coffee in Papua has a certain aroma and taste because it is grown at an average altitude of above 1,000 or 2000 meters above sea level.

“In addition to coffee as a superior product, we also see that Paapua handicrafts also have great potential, then we also see the potential of the fishery sector. Slowly, we will develop MSMEs who manage these potentials at Bank Indonesia,” said July.

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